Scottish Youth Championships (Under 12/ 17/ 20) Results 2013

Results from the Scottish Youth Championships held at St Thomas of Aquin's High School in Edinburgh 22nd and 23rd of June 2013.


Congratulations to our new 2013 Scottish Champions!


Under 12 Boys 

Foil: Duncan Morrison (West Fife) 

Epee: Dylan Morrison (Salle Holyrood) 

Sabre:  Mark Alvares- Peres  (West Fife)


Under 12 Girls:  

Foil: Alex Stewart (West Fife) 

Epee:  Alex Stewart (West Fife) 

Sabre:  Catriona Stewart (u/a) 


Mens' Under 17

Foil: Ian Russell (West Fife)

Epee: Tom Hofffman (Dingwall) 

Sabre:  Fraser Woodburn (Truro)


Womens' Under 17 

Foil: Katie Smith (Edinburgh) 

Epee:  Emma Robertson (West Fife)

Sabre:  Kate Daykin (Edinburgh)


Mens' Under 20

Foil: Calum de Sainte Croix  (Wallace)

Epee: Tom Hoffman (Dingwall)

Sabre:  Fraser Woodburn (Truro)


Womens' Under 20

Foil: Chloe Dickson (Edinburgh)

Epee: Emma Robertson (West Fife) 

Sabre: Kate Daykin (Edinburgh) 


Full Results

Age Group   
Under 12 Boys FoilEpeeSabre 
Under 12 Girls Foil EpeeSabre 
Mens' Under 17 FoilEpeeSabre
Womens' Under 17FoilEpeeSabre 
Mens' Under 20 FoilEpeeSabre
Womens' Under 20 Foil EpeeSabre