SFA Training Day - cancelled

When this date was decided it was a free in the British Fencing calendar. Since then other organisers published their events and now this training clashes with several competitions. Due to these clashes the SFA training is cancelled on the 17 September. We are currently working on confirming dates and venues for future SFA training and hope to have these published as soon as possible. 

SFA Training Day - Cancelled

Queen Anne's High School, Dunfermline

Due to a clash with other British Fencing events, we have cancelled this training day.


With strength and conditioning, tactical sparring and fight training SFA is the ideal way to improve your competitive fencing skills.

Fencers are welcome to bring their own coaches and the training is suitable to all ages and all competitive fencers. The aim of the day is working together to find tactics which work for you as a fencer and to give you the opportunity to spar with fencers from other clubs. 

Safety Notice - Masks

Following an incident at the British Fencing Junior and Cadet Championships, please can all referees, competition organisers, coaches and officials pay careful attention to the following:

1. Referees should give a yellow card if a fencer comes on the piste wearing a mask that is not safely secured even if it has not fallen off. (This is a preventative measure)

2. A yellow card should be given whenever a mask falls off during a fight.

Coach Education Recognition of Prior Learning

Application can be made by fencing coaches to Scottish Fencing (SF) for consideration and recognition of prior learning, qualifications and experience which may be considered by Scottish Fencing to be at least the equivalent of qualifications within Scottish Fencing’s Coach Development Programme (SFCDP).

2017 British Junior and Cadet Championships - results

Some great results from the 2017 British Junior and Cadet Championships at the weekend.

Highlights were: 

Cadet Girls Sabre - GOLD -  Elsie Llewellyn

Junior Girls Epee - Silver      Alex Stewart

Junior Girls Sabre - Bronze   Jess Corby

Junior Boys Epee - Bronze    Dylan Morrison

Cadet Girls Epee - Bronze     Alex Stewart

2017 Scottish Schools Secondary Team Competition Results

Dunblane High School are Scottish Secondary School Team Champions

With wins at 015 and U15 Boys Epee, O15 and U15 Boys Foil, O15 Boys Sabre - Dunblane High School won the best School Trophy at the Scottish School Teams competition. Congratulations!

The other winners were:

O15 Boys Epee - St Columbas

U15 Girls Epee and Foil   -  Linlithgow           

O15 Girls Epee  - Woodmill

Hungarian ICC (International Coaching Course)

Want to learn about the traditional Hungarian pedagogical approach to Foil, Epee and Sabre?

and learn from 

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