Scottish Fencing - Website Content Manager

SF require a volunteer to provide overall ‘content management' for their forthcoming new website.

Position will report to the SF board and responsibilities will include:

  • Ensure overall coherence of website content, style and messaging
  • Provide content/style guidelines and standards to all contributors
  • Partition content management tasks into different areas...
  • ...and identify/encourage appropriate volunteers for each area
  • Agree level of "editorial gating" (and therefore website editing permissions) for all contributors with appropriate regard to image of SF
  • Establish and maintain appropriate processes for allowing timely but controlled updates to website for time sensitive material (eg, news)
    • Including process for rapid removal of any offending content
  • Liase with SF admin to monitor website contacts / complaints
  • Act as a content provider in his/her own right in appropriate area or areas


Skills/Experience required: Website will use modern ‘content management system' which is easy to use and designed for non-technical specialists.


The following skills/experience are essential:

  • Knowledge of Scottish Fencing or fencing in general
  • Good written communication skills
  • Basic experience with a modern word-processing tool


The following would be very helpful:

  • Previous experience of managing website content
  • Experience of organising groups of writing contributors


If you are interested please contact Alan:


Office Phone 0131 339 4480