News from the Boardroom - August 2011

The board of directors met in Caledonia House, Edinburgh on 24 August, with Mike O'Donnell taking the chair.


Present: Stephen D'Agostino (Director), Mike O'Donnell (Director), Ed Rogers (Director), Stan Stoodley (Director), Ewen Cameron (Sportscotland Partnership Manager), Alan Loveland (Administrator).


Apologies: Graeme Hart (on holiday outside the UK)


Chris Hyde (President) was unable to make it to Caledonia House but participated in the meeting by Skype video link. Conrad Chin attended the meeting for the business item "website development".


Website Development

Conrad reported to the board on progress made with the development and gave a presentation to illustrate the salient features of the new website. It was planned to go live later this year. The contents of the existing website would be migrated to an archival section of the new site.


Anti-Doping: Compliance

The board formally acknowledged Scottish Fencing's compliance with British Fencing's anti-doping policies.


Sportscotland Investment Paper

Ewen informed the board that its investment paper had received praise from Sportscotland's investment panel.


Fernie Castle Gala Match

The board recorded its thanks to the Foundation for Scottish Fencing for staging a well managed event, which had resulted in a win for Scotland over England, 45 - 41.


Development: Coaches, Referees, Summer Camp

The board discussed plans for coach education weekends. Consideration would be given to using locations in different parts of the country, in preference to holding all the weekends in Edinburgh. It was agreed to review the existing training material, which had not been revised for several years. The board also discussed the creation of a programme for training referees, to enable them to gain qualifications in Scotland.

The board recorded its thanks to all the staff involved in the organization of the Largs summer camp in July.


Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2014

Chris Hyde reported on research he had undertaken into the feasibility of bidding to hold the 2014 Championships in Scotland.