2018 Forging the Future

Here at Scottish Fencing we are moving into a new investment period with our majority funder sportscotland.

With this in mind, we felt this was an opportunity to think again about our long term goals.  The Board of Scottish Fencing formed a strategy sub-group under the leadership of Independent Director Gail Prince and the sub-group strategic recommendations for the next 6 years are enclosed here.

As someone interested in what happens within the Fencing community, we would really like you to have a read and if possible feedback to us your thoughts on the areas we have identified.  Our link to providing feedback is here and it uses the survey monkey tool to ask questions whilst providing the opportunity for you to put your own thoughts.

The format of our graphical layout tries to pack a lot of information in. We have used a template called VMOST (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics) for the first slide which talks through the objectives we have and some key actions/enablers to achieve these objectives.

The second slide is a layout of the potential timescales and where the key projects (or “Tactics” as we have called them) will sit. We would value hearing whether you feel we should aim for more projects or different ones to achieve the stated objectives.

There is also some terminology in the document that we would like to expand upon so there is a glossary attached below explaining abbreviations or keywords.  Some of these terms are not fencing specific but are specific to sports development and are expected within our final presentation to sportscotland.

We respect opinions may clearly differ on timings and approach but one thing remains pivotal.  No new strategy aiming for growth in the Fencing community can be achieved without more people taking up roles within clubs or with the governing body.  I hope the need and value for volunteers comes through to everyone reading this strategy as the sport cannot grow without more people doing a few more things a little more often.

We are unable to respond to feedback by email, so please complete the survey monkey by 5pm 20 July. 

I really look forward to hearing your feedback.

Vincent Bryson

Chief Operating Officer

Scottish Fencing


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