Annual General Meeting 2012


Company number SC265956

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Company will be held on Saturday 4 February 2012, starting at 2 pm, at:

The High School of Dundee, Mayfield Sports Centre, 193 Arbroath Road, DUNDEE, DD4 7HS

A buffet lunch will be provided from 12.30 pm for members attending the meeting.

No nominations for appointments to the Board of Directors were received by the due date of 16 December 2011, nor were any resolutions or other business for the meeting intimated by members of the Company by the due date of 9 December 2011.


1              Roll Call and Appointment of Tellers      

2              Report from the Board of Directors

3              Appointment of reporting accountants

4              AOCB

5              Announcement of Awards


Dated this 13th day of January 2012

By order of the Board
Alan Loveland


  1. All members of the Company aged at least 18 years and not in arrears with their membership subscription on the day of the AGM shall be entitled to attend and cast their votes. Members arriving for the meeting will have their membership status checked against a list of members obtained prior to the meeting. Members who take out or renew membership after midnight on 2 February must bring proof of payment to the meeting.
  2. Each club affiliated to the Company and not in arrears with its club subscription on the day of the AGM shall be entitled to authorise one member of the Company to attend and cast a vote on its behalf. Such authorisation shall be in writing and signed by an officer of the club. No member shall carry the votes of more than two clubs.
  3. Any member eligible to vote in the AGM may authorise another eligible member to attend the meeting and cast a vote on their behalf by completing a Form of Proxy.


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