Board Member

George Liston

Key Responsibilities: President and Chair

As President, I represent Scottish Fencing as its titular and functional head in all public affairs.

As Chairman, I chair all meetings of the Directors and all General Meetings of Scottish Fencing; I also work to deliver assurance that Scottish Fencing complies with all relevant governance and strives to identify and nurture best practice.

Gail Prince

Key Responsibilities: Communication and event marketing/communications

Background: I am excited to join the Board of Scottish Fencing.  I am not a Fencer myself, my sport of choice is netball, I enjoy hill walking, swimming and an occasional cycle too.  I bring a varied skill set to the Board from my project management and community development career.  I have worked in sport development for a number of years and volunteer in various sports and community roles too.

Ross Morrison

Key responsibilities: Safeguarding and Child Protection and Development

Background: I am excited to join the board of Scottish Fencing. On the welfare side I will aim to continue the fine work done by Lesley O'Donnell. In respect of the development porfolio I am very much looking forward to formalising the Swordmark process and seeing the first clubs attain accredititation.

Hugh Kernohan

Key responsibilities: Performance and governance

Background: At the end of 2015 I retired after a career in London as a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Defence and returned to live in Scotland, on the Isle of Skye.

Martyn Foley

Key Responsibilities: Events

Background: I have been involved in fencing actively for over 5 years now, starting at Edinburgh Fencing club (EFC). As I was unlikely to be winning any medals any time soon I joined my club’s committee and started running the annual Edinburgh Open as well as helping out at the Scottish Open and some of the youth events. I thoroughly enjoy running the competitions and hope that now being a part of Scottish Fencing I can be more involved with the events and help ensure they continue to be a great success.

David Carson

Key responsibilities: to provide oversight of SF's finances as well as strategic financial planning for our annual and four year plans.

Background: David joined Scottish Fencing in 2014 and holds the post of financial director.   He is one of our independant directors. He was Assistant Director of Finance for NHS Tayside until he retired. 


Bill Steele

Key responsibilities: as Team Selection Manager it is my intention to make the selection process clear and concise, and to remove any ambiguity over the team selection process for fencers looking to compete for Scotland

Background: At present I am a project manager with a large electronics company based in Edinburgh and I have a number of transferable skills that can be utilised for my role as a director of Scottish Fencing (SF).

Sheila Anderson

Key responsibilities: HR and Equality


I am delighted to have joined the Board of Scottish Fencing. My fencing career began in 1971 (I think), when Scottish Fencing looked to capitalise on the equipment and interest generated by the 1970 Commonwealth Games. There was a club at school, coached by Bert Bracewell and I was hooked from day one.

My fencing experience includes:

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