Scottish School Teams: final rankings in full

Girls Epee Under 15

  1. Linlithgow Academy
  2. Woodmill High School
  3. Carnoustie High School C
  4. Carnoustie High School D


Girls Epee Over 15

  1. Carnoustie High School A
  2. Carnoustie High School B
  3. St Columba’s School
  4. Linlithgow Academy
  5. Kilgraston School B
  6. Kilgraston School A
  7. Kilgraston School C


Boys Epee Under 15

Congratulations to Mark Alvarez-Peres

We are delighted to report that Mark Alvares-Peres (West Fife FC) took 1st place out of an entry of 34 in the Under 13 Sabre event at the Moulsford LPJS competition on 2 February.

Scottish Open 2014 Results

Congratulations to 2014 Scottish Open winners:

Men's Foil:  Keith Cook

Women's Foil:  Lisa McKenzie

Men's Epee:  Calum Johnston 

Women's Epee:  Mhairi De Ste Croix

Mens Sabre:  Zsolt Nagy 

Women's Sabre:  Kate Daykin 


Full results for each weapon are below:

Men's Foil 

Women's Foil

Watch the Scottish Open Finals - LIVE!

The Scottish Open 2014 Finals will be broadcast live on this site over the weekend - 11th and 12th January.    

This is our first attempt to do this so many aspects are experimental, but our aim is to provide a broadcast quality output with 4 cameras, replay and commentary.  

there are seperate feeds for each day with links to these below.  These feeds will also be available after the Scottish Open on our Youtube channel and on this site.


Congratulations to Murray and Peter Caughey, who each gained gold in the Hertfordshire LPJS Foil Competition (24 Nov. 2013): Murray in the Under 11 division and Peter in the Under 9.

Scottish Secondary Schools Individuals 2013 - Results

Results from the Scottish Schools Individual Championships 2013 which was held on the 23/24th November at Linlithgow Academy.

Complete results for each event 

M8 Open 2013 Results

Results from the 2013 M8 Open held in Bathgate on the 16th and 17th November 2013 


5 Nations 2013 : Results

The annual 5 Nations Fencing tournament was hosted this year by Scottish Fencing in Edinburgh.  A summary is shown below showing the total number of match victories for each country in each event.


Highland Open 2013 Results

Results from the 2013 Highland Open

Mens Foil Epee Sabre

Womens Foil Epee Sabre

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